Buy My Items

Findom Goddess Feronia – Buy My Items

You may buy the following items from me:

  • Worn Panties £20
  • Worn Socks £20
  • Worn Stockings £20
  • Worn Tights £20
  • Worn Shoes £80
  • My Hair £20
  • My Fingernail Clippings £20
  • My Toenail Clippings £30
  • The skin rubbed off my feet with pumice stone £30

If you wish to buy one or more of my items, you must buy me a gift voucher for the correct amount. Make the payment to then email me confirming you have made payment. Do not contact me unil you have purchased the gift voucher

When I have located your payment I will send you the item(s) you have paid for.